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Misset International Webinar Week

This year turned out to be different than we expected. For example no EuroTier in 2020 so we came up with a great alternative! The Misset International Webinar Week. From 16 until 20 November 2020, we will organise different kind of webinars, with specific themes and topics. A good opportunity to stay informed about relevant topics!

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Curious about our other webinars?

Dairy Global presents:

Advanced Dairy Farming

17 November | 18:00 CET

About this webinar

The times when a dairy farm was a place of tranquility with a herd of cows just lingering around in the pasture are bygone. At least to some extent. Dairy farms are embracing automation at breakneck speeds, introducing sensors, robots and analytic tools which were previously only used in intensive livestock farming. Still stockmanship is of great importance, but advanced dairy farming cannot do without automation.

This webinar is made possible by:

Advanced Dairy Farming

The experts

Zana van Dijk, 
Host and editor Dairy Global

Enda Neville, M. An. Sc. 
Ruminant Technical Manager at Celtic Sea Minerals

The entire Misset International Webinar Week is made possible by:

Dr. Ray Nebel, 
V. P. of Tech Services at Select Sires

"The supporting role of advisors in precision dairy farming: A plea for the multi-actor approach"

  • How can advisors improve the effective use of precision dairy technologies and create added value? What is holding them back?

“How plant derived Marine Minerals promote feed efficiency and sustainability in dairy production”

  • How Acid Buf enhances healthy rumen function, drives dairy production and feed efficiency

Kristine Piccart, 
Dairy Advisor at Cow Coach

"How to improve herd health with a Cow Monitoring system"

  • Challenges of dairymen
  • How a monitoring systems helps focusing on right cows
  • Insights in cow behavior
  • Revolutionary insights with new module Nutrition